DiamondMatch™ is a technology-based solution that uses advanced algorithms to fingerprint (register) a polished diamond with a unique identification number (UID) and then associate that UID to a diamond that has been graded, thereby linking it to its diamond grading report. This process happens at the grading laboratory. Any user can then make a simple request, namely, “does my physical diamond MATCH a particular grading report?
Spacecode’s DiamondMatch™ verifies this question in seconds, resulting in a positive authentication of the diamond to a grading report (or confirming that there is no match). DiamondMatch™ therefore provides an easy, reliable and verifiable way to ensure a diamond’s authenticity.

Anyone who would like to confirm whether the physical diamond they have in hand indeed matches its grading report will benefit from DiamondMatch™.  The entire diamond supply chain benefits including consumers, insurance companies, shipping companies who provide 3rd party inspection services and banks who provide finance for polished diamonds.

No, a diamond UID is not the same as a serial number. A diamond UID is a unique identification number given to a specific diamond, while a serial number is given to a specific piece of jewelry, which may contain one or more diamonds.

No, the value of a diamond is determined by many factors, including its 4Cs, origin, and market demand. While DiamondMatch™ can provide information about the diamond’s characteristics and authenticate that a particular diamond is linked to its real grading report, it is not enough to determine its overall value.

DiamondMatch™ is important because it provides a reliable and verifiable way to authenticate a diamond match it to its grading report so we can confirm its attributes or characteristics. This can be useful for insurance purposes, resale value, and personal satisfaction in knowing the unique attributes of your diamond.

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By combining RFID-powered
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