Authentication and Identification with


The revolutionary solution bringing transparency to the diamond industry

The pioneering application combines high-resolution images with intelligent algorithms to facilitate the fingerprinting and subsequent authentication and identification of polished diamonds anywhere in the supply chain.




As a first step, a diamond is fingerprinted and permanently linked to its grading report.
After fingerprinting, the diamond can be 
authenticated against its grading report
at any step in the supply chain.

In addition to authentication, our advanced
algorithms also allow for a fast and accurate
identification of fingerprinted diamonds.



Spacecode’s DiamondMatch™ facilitates the fingerprinting, authentication and identification of loose diamonds.

The key component of the DiamondMatch™ unit is a high-resolution camera that can measure and extract a diamond’s physical properties with very high resolution.

DiamondMatch™ uses a proprietary algorithm which creates a unique fingerprint for each diamond based on its unique physical characteristics.

DiamondMatch™ offers a user-friendly interface to facilitate the process.

Using DiamondMatch™ anyone can authenticate a diamond against its grading report in order to validate its authenticity.


DiamondMatch™ boosts multiple supply chain phases

For grading laboratories, sales offices, and retail locations, DiamondMatch™ offers precision technology for the fingerprinting, authentication and identification of diamonds that establish a permanent link to its grading report.

DiamondMatchis used by a diverse group of companies for auditing, insurance, banking, authentication, and track & trace.

DiamondMatch prevents fraud by providing a unique fingerprint linking a diamond to
its grading report.

DiamondMatch grading labs can register a diamond and its report in their database,
allowing customers in the supply chain to authenticate the diamond.

DiamondMatch is a non-invasive solution which eliminates the requirement to physically
engrave the report number onto the diamond.

DiamondMatch provides  transaction security and complete inventory authenticity.

DiamondMatch offers operational efficiency in inventory management and
day-to-day status control.

Spacecode is a technology 
company that offers advanced 
intelligent inventory 
management solutions to the 
high-value diamond, jewelry
and healthcare industries.

By combining RFID-powered
hardware, unique LED tags,
and customized software,
our innovative platform
provides cutting-edge solutions.


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