with ”PICK-to-Light”

Spacecode products are CE and EMS-certified. The frequencies that we work with are
available worldwide. Spacecode is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

The Spacecode RFID readers connect to your computer via USB or Ethernet connections.

This would be a rare occurrence in an industry where everything is based on trust and
carefully monitored. However, assuming it does happen, then you will have a full audit
trail of who handled the stock and when it was handled.

It is all written in the warranty document that you received with your product. If you can’t
find it you can contact your sales representative or contact us and request a copy.
Spacecode also offers an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for the post-warranty
period. We invite you to contact us directly for an AMC quote.

Electromagnetic noise is not audible to the human ear. If you are experiencing any noise
concerns with your Spacecode products, please contact support.

Noise issues can be caused by transformers that are too close to one of our smart readers
or faulty electrical circuits which can cause spikes that will also cause issues.

Spacecode integration is simple and straightforward. Software Development Kits are
available for your tech team to create a seamless integration of Spacecode hardware and
your inventory software. If you don’t have inventory software – talk to us. Our customer
support team is here to set you up. Just contact us.

Software integration is simple and straightforward with various approaches available:

   SDK (Software Development Kit): Our SDK is effectively a gateway that is opened to
channel data and commands to and from your software. We have Microsoft and
Java SDK’s.
   Spacecode Tracker: our stand-alone inventory management software manages
RFID data separately from your ERP system if you prefer.
   Enterprise System: your software provider may need to make some adaptations to
best handle the new types of RFID data and maximize its advantages.
   Combination: Spacecode automates the file data transfer from SmartTracker into
your networked Enterprise Resource System.

Leading software companies around the world have integrated with Spacecode RFID
solutions, taking from a few hours to a few weeks depending upon your software
requirements and your provider.

Spacecode has a full portfolio of different tags, form factors and sizes (from 6 mm) to suit
particular applications. We are continuously developing new tag types that are 100%
reliable and we use form factors that are optimized for your application.

Spacecode’s state-of-the-art technology incorporates RFID/LED tags that do not require a
battery. The tags we work with are known as passive tags. They take their power from the
electromagnetic waves powered by the reader.

Spacecode offers both types of tags, but in many applications we may deliberately choose
readable tags due to:

   A single unique ID number means no possibility of confusion or error.
   Easy integration with software systems as evidenced by numerous successful
integrations and partners.
   A complete audit trail is not possible with data on a tag, as either the data is on the
tag but not on the database, or the data is also on the database ‒ so no need for
data on the tag.
   No data on the actual tag makes it more secure if lost, stolen, hacked, or is sent to
an external company.
   A database is in any case needed for both writable as well as readable tags – so
having data on the tag does not eliminate the need for a database which still needs
to be accessed.
   Performance, quality and cost are superior in readable tags.
   The association of Spacecode’s unique RFID to the product is quick and easy, done
at the time the item is registered in the customer’s database.
   The user never sees the RFID UID (unique identification) as it is running in the
background of the software.
   All our larger clients, including a Fortune Top 20 healthcare company, as well as
many of our software partners have opted for read-only tags.
   In the diamond and jewelry sector, grading laboratories require a unique ID on the
tag to ensure that they do not compromise or bias their independent grading
judgement in anyway.

The Spacecode Board is a bestseller since its launch – watch this video and start to learn why.

Learn more about how this unique desktop reader can make an enormous impact upon
your processes and inventory management in the industry that is appropriate for you:

Watch the video

  Length: 480 mm
  Width: 330 mm
  Height: 100 mm

For more information and to download the sales and specs sheet for each industry here:


Well, believe it or not but it only takes one second for the Spacecode Board to scan 7-10
RFID tags with LED. And you can put hundreds on it together.

The Spacecode Station is a versatile RFID scanner used by diamond factories and offices
to quickly read and process small quantities of loose diamonds, parcel papers and items
placed in a defined orientation. It uniquely connects to a diamond scale to record the
carat weight of the diamond and updates your system accordingly. For more information,
read more here and watch the video.

RFID frequencies LF, HF, and UHF have different read speeds depending on, and purely
because of, the physics of radio waves. General principles of RFID are:

   As the frequency increases, the RFID read speed increases… BUT
   As the frequency increases, the RFID reliability decreases due to the increased impact of
the environment and applications – metals, organic matter, close proximity, etc.

Consequently, there is often a trade-off between speed and reliability as the RFID frequency
increases. Spacecode has developed systems that provide the best of both worlds by achieving
100% read reliability at optimal speed.

   Spacecode technology shrugs off environmental influences to achieve 100% read reliability
   Close proximity interference of stacked items is eliminated

Consequently, there is often a trade-off between speed and reliability as the RFID frequency
increases. Spacecode has developed systems that provide the best of both worlds by achieving
100% read reliability at optimal speed.

Tag population size is maximized up to 1,000s or 10,000s

With other systems, customers frequently need to compromise, work under constraints
and/or make changes to their processes. Spacecode’s technology ensures that you will
not have to deal with any of the following issues often faced with other systems:

   Accuracy: you don’t have to settle for less than 100% read accuracy
   Tag population: you can read large tag populations simultaneously
   Close proximity: you can read large numbers of tags stacked back-to-back (elastic band test)
   Scatter and leakage: you will not falsely detect tags that are beyond the desired reading field
   Orientation: you won’t need to arrange products in a very structured fashion as is often the
case with other systems when reading tags in any orientation or position
   Manual intervention: you won’t need to manually shake or manipulate the reader to
overcome null spots and pick up all the tags
   Label position: you won’t need to apply different label placement for successive tags
to avoid tag juxtaposition.

The impact on your sales and customer relationships is equal to your internal company

   Real-time automated location of stock to fulfill customer requests remotely and
   Real-time knowledge of your entire stock availability and location allows you to
identify and sell stock that you may not know you have or could not easily locate.
   Your team can close sales immediately as customers don’t need to wait for availability
information (and potentially go elsewhere).
   Customer satisfaction is increased through your ability to respond in real time to
their requests which attracts, captures and retains more customers.

Spacecode is a technology 
company that offers advanced 
intelligent inventory 
management solutions to the 
high-value diamond, jewelry
and healthcare industries.

By combining RFID-powered
hardware, unique LED tags,
and customized software,
our innovative platform
provides cutting-edge solutions.


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